August 5th, 2022- Cliffs of Moher and Galway

Galway felt like an almost smaller version of Dublin, everyone was very active just like and there were many shops and pubs available. Although there were many shops I wasn’t able to see many small businesses that DoOrder partners with, besides Lifestyle Sports which I ended up spending 100 euros on crew necks there. I think having already an established retailer in Galway would help DoOrder begin expansion into the city, but I haven’t figured out if it would be sustainable or not.

The Cliffs of Moher were beautiful, but the four hours of sleep and four hour bus ride were anything but beautiful. I loved seeing the cliffs that I’ve seen so many times in pictures and being able to capture photos of my own. The day was very eventful and I loved everything I was able to see and learn about through the tour guide. It would have been even better if I would have established a sleeping schedule by now.