Cliffs of Moher- 8/5/22

Today was an amazing day seeing the Cliffs of Moher. It was truly breathtaking standing on the edge of the cliff and looking forward to the sea. I was happy to have taken a few pictures, but was missing my camera from home. From a cultural perspective, I did not hear many travelers speaking English. I heard a lot of Spanish, Italian, and French; but this makes sense given the history we have learned about Ireland. I wish I could have stayed at the Cliffs more, but bringing a DSLR camera is a good excuse to return to Ireland soon. The city of Galway was also very nice, as we were able to walk through a busy market. I was surprised because a lot of the goods sold were similar to the Pittsburgh market we went to a few weeks ago. In relation to the project, last night we all learned that Doorder is not very interested in expanding to the rest of Ireland. They mentioned the area they are most interested in at the moment is Liverpool because Ireland is too densely populated. Through more research, emails, and next weeks meeting; we will be able to get a better idea of their expansion plan.