Cliffs of Moher and Galway

During the time at the Cliffs at Moher, I thought about how something in the natural environment can be capitalized and made profit off of. It was so beautiful and nobody made it, but people are still making money off it by offering tours, building shops around it, selling food and trinkets along the path, and even playing music for tips on the side. I also thought about what the cliffs would have looked like thousands of years ago before the water eroded it so much, and how with time, how much things can change.

I believe Galway would be a great fit for DoOrder. One of a similar company (Deliveroo) has already expanded there, and we saw Deliveroo drivers delivering food in Galway. This shows that same day delivery food on bikes works well in the city of Galway, and would likely work for DoOrder. Additionally, there are many small, Irish owned businesses in Galway that DoOrder would be able to support. It would be easy for DoOrder to find retailers in Galway who want to ship same day and then offer their services. There are even small market shops with websites who could offer same day delivery to their customers, which would expand DoOrder’s target market. Galway in itself is similar to Dublin in the fact that it’s easier to bike and not having a car heavy infrastructure which would benefit DoOrder.