Blog Post – Cliffs of Moher/City of Galway (8/5/22)

The trip today to the Cliffs of Moher and the City of Galway was very long but definitely worth the time. The cliffs were breathtaking and I was surprised as to how pure the air was, how lush the grass was and how blue the water was. The views were amazing and we were all able to get a lot of pictures because it was a beautiful day. There were also many cows grazing alongside the small path that was very amusing to watch as we walked up to the cliff.

The City of Galway was extremely vibrant and right when we got off the bus I could feel a change in atmosphere. There was so much culture and spirit in this city and it was interesting visiting the many tiny booths/shops right next to the larger retail stores. I tried the chowder in one of the pubs which was a really cool experience especially because this was one of the more traditional looking pubs. The people in the pub were all extremely welcoming which speaks about the city.

DoOrder should consider expanding to a city like Galway because there are so many potential retailer DoOrder can partner with. These small vendors are perfect for DoOrder and I’m sure these retailer could use a service like same day delivery with the many customers thy get being tourists. There weren’t as many delivery companies present which means DoOrder could really establish its company and make a presence in this city.