The Silicon Docks – 08.06.2022

Dublin’s Docklands are a great place for tech giants to set up shop for a few reasons. The most obvious one is that Ireland has set its corporate tax rates much lower than most of the rest of the world. Compared to the normal 25%, Ireland has had it at 12.5%. They’re moving it up to 15%, soon, as decided by the EU, but that’s still significantly lower than many other nations.

More subtle, though, is the advantage for the companies of being in that particular spot. There are a lot of universities pretty much down the block. There’s the National College of Ireland, University College Dublin and even Trinity College just up the river. All of these schools produce hundreds of students every year to work as innovators and engineers for the major tech companies. Their sourcing is right at home.

Personally, I don’t yet know where I’d like to live. The Docklands seem pretty nice, but I haven’t developed a preference for any particular place. I am unable to say “I really liked that city.” I don’t know what that means. I know other people do, but I do not. As things stand, I’m open to living in a lot of locations, and I am aware of the advantages of the Silicon Docks. However, there are also disadvantages, like the extremely high housing prices. At the end of the day, my preference for city of choice is still hidden in the mist.