Dublin Docklands 8/6


Based on my tour of the Dublin Docklands, this is a great fit for companies that focus on technology because of tax rates and the increase of people migrating to Ireland. Ireland’s corporate tax rate due to the European Union means that the U.S companies have more freedom in the market. Paying 12.5% rather than 25% in taxes will save these companies a lot of money. Also, many people are migrating to Ireland from many different cultures. If many people are moving into Ireland from different cultures and countries than big technology companies should capitalize on this to expand their influence. Also, from a research and development perspective, innovative people who want to move from their country may wish to come to Ireland to work for an American company. These are all possibilities, so American Companies are taking advantage of this. Furthermore, having a headquarters for the Europe department and African department in Ireland makes the most sense, due to the similarities of the time workers will be able to work and communicate on the same schedule.

I could see myself working in the Docklands in four years because workers are able to work with people from Europe, Africa, and the United States. Having the ability to meet and work with all of these people would allow me to expand my network and create future opportunities. Ireland has been very beneficial to my learning of business, and I hope to one day return to Dublin for an extended period of time. I am enjoying my trip and look forward to tomorrow.