Day Trip to the Cliffs of Moher and The City of Galway 

The cliffs of Moher were an amazing experience. Personally, I enjoyed a trail that led to the tip of the cliffs in the left region. One thing that stood out was when you made it to around halfway through the trail there was a small clearing with two food truck-styled trailers.
One trailer was a coffee shop that included ice coffee and ice cream which looked amazing after walking up the trail:

The first thing I noticed about Galway was how kind and talkative the people there were. We had many people strike up interesting conversations with us, which was very informative and fun. Galway also looks a bit older than Dublin in terms of architecture and roads. In terms of DoOrder expanding in Ireland, Diane mentioned that she did not want to expand the company in Ireland past Dublin. If she were to expand the company I believe that Galway could be a good place because there are more small businesses than large corporations. However it might not be the best idea because, from my observations, people In Galway seemed to be very personable and enjoy going out, so there might be less of a market for delivery services.