The Cliffs of Moher and the City of Galway – 08.05.2022

Here is a piece I wrote today about the cliffs:

The dark, potently sapphire water, malleable against and yielding to the stoic rock, expands inward from the endless horizon. As unchallenged as the aquatic realm remains – for miles and miles – it is against the earth that it concedes, acknowledging its opponent’s immutable power in a show-white spray.

But, as the cliff stands suspended in time, the waves at its bottom persevere, weathering over eons – a single lick at a time – their King.

The stone itself is not quite like a lonely man who has withdrawn, his mind impenetrably imperceptible to the world. Layers stack upon one another in black and grey bunches and brown and white streaks, showing to all who gaze the history of the precipice’s many emotions. The stone does not shout these emotions. One must simply care to look to know they are there.

And though it is King to the water beneath it, the monolith’s magnificence does not soar endlessly. Even Caesar wore the marking of power, for the words of another are of greater credit in revering a chieftain’s greatness than his or her own. Such dominion, over the risen earth, has the emerald crown whose millions of feathers billow like a gentle fluid in the wind.

And, at the very top, simple beasts graze peacefully – and endlessly – upon the fruits of it all. What is there, in all the cycle of the interactions between this world’s unliving entities, a purpose but to fuel the life of those that are living?

On a separate note, and with regards to business, I was wrong yesterday to say that Diane hasn’t got a clue what she wants. I was speaking out of frustration.

I must note that, although today’s prompt is to assess the city of Galway as a prospective expansion location for DoOrder, Diane has made it expressly clear that she wants nothing to do with any cities in Ireland besides Dublin. In her words, the country is too sparse. There won’t be enough demand in any one location.

Now, rather than pretend I know how to prove otherwise to her, and focus all my efforts on advocating just for cities in Ireland, I’ve decided to refocus my entire scope. Diane says she wants to follow Smyth’s Toys. Yesterday, in my haste, I concluded that their only locations were in Ireland. It turns out that they also operate in the U.K. Now, with this newfound sense of direction, I can dedicate my time to providing work that is certain to be of help.

I will continue to apply my method of measuring particular characteristics of Dublin and other cities, but now the cities will all be places where Smyth’s Toys have set up shop.