August 7, 2022- Wicklow and Kilkenny

I thought the trip to both places were amazing. The national park was so cool to see and I got so many awesome pictures. Holding the sheep and watching the dog herd them was another very fun experience I got at Wicklow. In Kilkenny I got to experience the giant castle and to see a ton of shops. There was a lot more shops than restaurants or pubs where I was which was much different than the other cities in Ireland I have traveled too.

Speaking of expansion for DoOrder I think Wicklow could be the worst place for them to expand because there is nothing there for shopping or any of the sort. There is no one to deliver to and no retailers to partner with. Kilkenny on the other hand would be very interesting. They had a ton of shops to offer that could be potential places for DoOrder to operate with. I think this could be a great place for them to expand to especially if there were existing retailers in Kilkenny that exist in Dublin too.