Wicklow and Kilkenny


The things that stood out to me during the visit were the sheep’s wool and how soft it was. It’s cool to see and feel it and then look at the wool shirts that I have and think about how one is turned into the other. Another thing that stood out to me was how vast the lakes were. If there was no technology and nobody there, and you just explored and came along the lakes, it would be even more breathtaking than it already is.

Kilkenny would potentially be a good spot for DoOrder’s expansion. There is a massive bustling retail hub with tons of small Irish owned businesses. Getting a deal with one or two would potentially spark a chain reaction where more retailers also join DoOrder. The residential area is on the outskirts of the city, so the retailers would have the job of going into the city and then coming back out to deliver. Wicklow does not seem like a good spot for expansion because there is a lack of people.