Blog Post – Wicklow/Kilkenny

Wicklow had such a pure feel to it, the small cottages scattered across the rich green grass and the many sheep grazing was truly something to see. It was amazing to see the farm dog herding in all the sheep, the dog had so much confidence and looked very graceful as he ran so fast bringing in the sheep. We hiked up to a little waterfall and also stopped by a crystal clear lake which was very enjoyable. It seems like the town is known for its large farms and provides fresh goods to local stores.

Kilkenny was really fun and we had the chance to walk through the city and look briefly from the outside at the mid-evil castle. This city had many local vendors as well as large retailers and we even shopped from a large department store. The prices were very reasonable in this department store but there of course were surrounding stores that were very expensive compared to this. There seemed to be more tourists in this city most likely because of the mediaeval castles in the heart of the city.

From DoOrders’ perspective, this city could be a potential expansion point just because of the sheer number of retail stores. With that being said, I’m not sure how successful DoOrder would be here as it seems to not be that populated and most of the customers at these stores would be retailers and not locals who would want same day delivery. DoOrder should consider it though despite not being too keen on expansion within Ireland.