Wicklow and Kilkenny

Wicklow was absolutely beautiful. Everywhere you looked there was a spectacular view. There were also very cool and very old monuments throughout the park. Additionally, it was really interesting how the Sheppard we visited could command his border collie to herd the sheep. The organization of the sheep among the family was also very interesting.

Kilkenny was an absorbing small city. The restaurants were good, the people were nice, and there was a lot of history. I had a few conversations with some of the locals that I found very engaging. When I went into a shop to get my brother a shirt, I stroked up a conversation with the owner. He asked me about why I was there and then we discussed what I was doing in the upcoming few days. When we got to the subject of the site visit to Guinness Enterprises he told me to research A few companies, such as Shamrock Gift Company and Traditional Craft Limited, beforehand that hold a lot of weight with Guinness.