Farewell, Dublin!

My last week in Dublin has brought many different waves of emotions. Part of me is thrilled to be reunited with family and a sense of general familiarity, but the rest of me will miss everything that living in Dublin has blessed me with.

This final week my friends and I took the time to take in the sights of Dublin one last time and made sure to revisit some of our favorite places. We all cannot believe how quickly time has flown and feel so lucky to have had the time here that we did. After doing some shopping and walking across the River Liffey one more time as a group, we soaked up the feeling of being together in such a special place.

In my limited experience working in this office, I believe professional “success” in the workplace, particularly in the marketing department, is defined by a project being completed with soul and intention. This summer the department has been working so hard to develop the launch of the company’s first ever cocktail in a can, Little & Green. In such a creative role, conducting a product launch such as Little & Green required lots of attention in the details, most specifically in the branding. The brand itself was to represent a bold, daring, and authentically Irish image catered towards the college-aged demographic. Although not necessarily “authentically Irish”, I enjoyed hearing my Irish coworkers express what they thought should be included in the details of the branding and what they thinks truly represents the modern Irish spirit, not the leprechaunized “diddly eyed” Irish spirit many Americans assume and celebrate on St Patrick’s Day. Upon the launch of the product in late July, the team was proud in the brand they created and know that the essence of the brand will speak for itself to reach the proper audience and generate sales.

On a more individual level, I would describe a successful or effective intern in my position or in my general industry as someone who is not afraid to share their ideas and step out onto their own to learn more about their given industry to truly understand the audience. Specifically with this product launch, although not Irish, I described the appeal of RTD (Ready to Drink) cocktails and why American college students and young adults love them so much. Just sharing my ideas in meetings, at the appropriate times, I felt much more connected to the project, the company, and felt more of a connection to what the spirits industry means to the Irish people. Additionally, I believe a great amount of flexibility and adaptability would be need for someone in a similar position as me. There are days in which I have no work assigned and need to find ways to make myself busy and helpful, and then there are days in which the marketing teams needs lots of help, whether it be in social media tasks, market research, etc.

In America, I have noticed success being defined primarily on performance and optimized numbers. For a similar product launch as my company has been conducting, I believe an American equivalent would be much more worried about generating sales and beating their competitors in the saturated RTD market (especially with seltzers like White Claw). Generally there is less likely to be a focus on the branding itself, unless there was a need to create a very niche target market.

In terms of behaviors of successful employees, I believe there are aspects of teamwork and collaboration in both Ireland and the U.S., but definitely more so in Ireland. In America, there seems to be much more intention to climb professionally as an individual, instead of as a group.

Although I will miss my coworkers and the fun in the office, I am more than prepared to relax and enjoy my last few weeks of summer with limited responsibilities. This opportunity to learn and grow as a young professional in a foreign country, while making lasting connections with friends and collleagues, is something I will remember and be grateful for forever.