Wicklow Mountains and City of Kilkenny.

The mountains of Kilkenny were simply breathtaking. I was happily surprised when seeing the water fall and deep trail. I was also able to get many good pictures. The cemetery site was very interesting as some of the gravestones were created in the 1730’s which is older than the United States. This reminded me that the unites states is a very young country with less history compared to Ireland. The castles were my favorite part of Kilkenny and the food that I was able to have. This is my second favorite day on the trip so far. Also, many tourists on the trip spoke different languages. I heard mixes of French, Italian, Spanish, German, and Russian. Hearing all of these languages was very interesting and very different from the United States.

DoOrder does not want to expand in Ireland because of how close things are in Dublin and the population. DoOrder would prefer to expand in Liverpool and other areas with some Irish influence. However, I believe Kilkenny would be a better place to expand than Wicklow. Wicklow is a tourist attraction with a lot of parks and mountains, this would be a difficult place to attract business. Kilkenny would be an easier place to attract business due to all the stores and condensed streets for easy bicycle delivery.