Guiness Enterprise Centre

Commercial Opportunity/Challenge  

The Guiness Enterprise Centre creates limitless opportunities for small start-ups to grow and expand their business. The Centre provides small businesses with ‘The University Programme’ which facilitates communication with top Irish business executives from 35 international business universities. While providing small businesses with support, the Guiness Enterprise is challenged by the transition to remote work initiated by the coronavirus. In order to bring small businesses into a communal office space, the center is forced to spend money to generate a feeling of community through activities like yoga classes and sushi nights.  

Guiness Enterprise Center 

The Guiness Enterprise Centre is a resource for DoOrder because of the generous support for small businesses. Advertising a company as a start-up is fiscally beneficial to DoOrder considering the culture and values that Ireland clearly demonstrates. The fact that the Irish government committed 10 million euro to an organization that supports start-ups shows support for not only the economy but also the community of Dublin.