The Guinness Enterprise Centre

The Guinness Enterprise Centre is an incubator for small businesses in Dublin, Ireland. As an Incubator, The Guinness Enterprise Centre provides services and spaces to help small Irish companies grow. One commercial opportunity that the Guinness Enterprise Centre is addressing is the demand for employment in Dublin. It is predicted that throughout the upcoming five years, around 3,000 additional jobs will be supported by the expansion of the Guinness Enterprise Centre. The incubator is also widely supported by the local public due to the prediction that it will bring growth to Dublin’s economy. Since the incubator is attracting entrepreneurship with new start-ups, it is bringing innovation into Dublin.

A challenge that the Guinness Enterprise Centre addresses is how to get small companies back on their feet after the coronavirus, Brexit, and the war in Ukraine. The incubator is creating opportunities that fit the needs of the local community and bringing in international opportunities. Another challenge that GEC addresses is how to get connected with investors and government funding. GEC is different than other incubators in Dublin because it immediately helps its client companies to get connected with Enterprise Ireland and investor networks. The Guinness Enterprise Centre directs its client companies in a way that lays out steps to get the best possible investors and a connection to HBAN, which is where the big money investors are located.

The Guinness Enterprise Centre is a resource for DoOrder because the delivery service originated in the incubator. As a small and locally committed business, DoOrder was able to take advantage of the resources and service the Guinness Enterprise Centre offered. The Guinness Enterprise Centre is also a great way for small businesses, like DoOrder to become acquainted with good connections and investment opportunities.

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