Guinness Enterprise Centre – 08.08.2022

A commercial opportunity open to the GEC is that the really large tech companies like Google and Amazon have created the need for smaller companies to band together in order to compete. Suddenly, there has become a market for start-up unionization. Serving that need is what the GEC is doing and will likely be able to continue doing for time to come.

A challenge is the fact that more and more people are opting to work remotely, or simply not working at all. The GEC provides, among other services, office space to their clients. When their clients’ employees stop coming in to work, the companies stop needing office space, and the GEC loses revenue.

The GEC is connected to DoOrder through their parent company, Further. DoOrder went to Further for investments, and it was clear that the GEC staff member who gave us the presentation (Madison Roche) was familiar with Diane and the company. Perhaps they’ll maintain a relationship in the event that DoOrder ever seeks more capital.