DocuSign and Croke Park


Based on the DocuSign visit, I would describe the market for digital signature technology as a ‘blue ocean’ because the company does not have any strong competitors in the industry of digitized signatures. Right now, DocuSign dominates the digital signature market, but faces increasing levels of competition because of the market growth and opportunities for digital signatures created by the coronavirus.  

Dublin is a promising location for DocuSign’s EMEA headquarters because Ireland is an English-speaking country that can act as an intermediary between business in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. During the site visit today, the presenter mentioned that English has become the universal language of business, so setting up headquarters in an English-speaking country has potential to contribute to business success. 

Croke Park 

Croke Park has the opportunity to enhance revenue by reaching an international audience through social media and sharing Irish sports with the rest of the world. As an American, I had never watched a hurling game before but was fascinated by the sport when we visited the stadium and will likely watch hurling games in the future. 

Croke Park faces the challenge of generating significant ticket sales through the increasing digitization of entertainment. Especially during the coronavirus, many communities began prioritizing virtual ways of engaging with sports which ultimately caused ticket sales to decline.