Docusign and Croke Park


The market for digital signature tech was a blue ocean. There aren’t many companies who implement digital signatures, so DocuSign being able to hit the market before Covid allowed it to blow up and then become a major market leader. Now, it’s a red market because DocuSign is the main market competitor and then any other companies would be competing with a major player like DocuSign

Dublin is a promising location for DocuSign because it boasts low tax rates and also because it is a central location between the other locations like Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

One commercial opportunity of Croke Park is that it allows for sponsorships that can provide a mutual benefit to the park and also to the companies who have the sponsorships. Both sides will benefit from being able to participate in the sponsorships and will be able to grow in order to help the Dublin economy. One commercial challenge is that the profit for Croke Park is partially dependent on the performance of the teams. When they perform worse, ticket sales will drop and attendance will drop, causing them to make less money. This means they have to strive to keep the largest amount of people coming in through other means as well, such as promotions and other means.