Blog Post – DocuSign/Croke Park

The company DocuSign would be in a blue ocean as there are not many digital signature technology companies that can threat DocuSign. The efficiency and creativity behind DocuSign allows the company to be used so prominently in countries like the USA and there are not many companies who can compete with this. Their really only competition in this field is actual physical paper signing revealing that there is so much room to continue and innovate for DocuSign and build upon what they already have. Dublin is a very promising location for a technology company that wants to have a heavy presence in Europe , the Middle East and Africa as the time zones are all similar and also English is spoken which differs from all the other countries in the EU.

One commercial opportunity for Croke Park is partnering with large businesses as well as smaller businesses. There are nearly 85,000 seats at this stadium making it one of the largest stadiums in all of Europe. This could easily allow for Croke Park to provide advertisements/endorsements for companies and this will reach such a large number of people because of all the fans that pack the stadium. One commercial challenge is that the stadium doesn’t seem to be to updated which can cause concerns for the future especially if Croke Park wants to attract more attention.