Thinkhouse Site Visit

Thinkhouseis a twenty-year-old independent marketing agency that helps companies with advertisements, PR, appealing to the youth, and sustainability. The individuals that we met with during the site visit to Thinkhouse emphasized the individual aspect of the marketing agency. They focused on how being an independent agency has given the agency the space to change direction when its business plan is not working in certain circumstances. Being an independent agency also allows the agency to transform with the times. This way Thinkhouse can continue to keep up with new technology and appeal to younger demographics, which the agency largely markets to attract clients.

The site visit to Thinkhouse also gave invaluable information to help with the DoOrder social media consulting project. The individuals from Thinkhouse presented information on how important PR is in the current times and also how companies should be aware of influencer marketing as an upcoming strategy. In many of the PR campaigns that Thinkhouse has worked on for their clients, they reached out to notable influencers that would be known in the industry field of the area. Influencer marketing would be a good move for DoOrder to capitalize on once they have gained a more steady stream of income and presence on social media. We have put influencers in our presentation as part of our recommendations for their plan in 2 years. I will make sure to spend some time explaining how important influencer marketing is once they feel comfortable with their presence on social media.