Returning Home


After just arriving home, I was met with a warm hello from my family and a very nice breakfast. I could not be more thankful after a long yet fruitful study abroad experience. I look forward to relaxing for the next week or so and then getting back to establishing a routine. In the meantime, I look forward to sharing gifts and watching movies with the family. Throughout my time in India, I learned countless lessons that need further reflection, but to start, the value of letting others figure things out and relying on my competency and training in tough situations. This was evident in the Wilderness Advanced First Aid when Vipul yelled for us to Run. After this experience, I was able to take my time more and apply this to the trek. When I am allowed time to complete something, I will no longer try and complete it immediately but allow myself the proper time to be efficient and collected. Upon implementing this on the trek, it made it easier for me to practice servant leadership to help the team in the best ways that I could. For the cultural visits around Delhi and Agra, I very much enjoyed exploring the market. Buying meaningful statues for every member of my family and a few teachers meant a lot to me, and I cannot wait to share. The Taj Mahal was fascinating to me as it is a truly beautiful building. As someone very interested in Geology readings, I found it very cool to learn that there is no paint around the building and that all the colors are made of stone. Coming from Malachite, Onyx, and Sapphire, the Taj Mahal has many unique colors. Also, I did not anticipate seeing Quran readings on the side of the Taj and was very intrigued by this. The tour guide was exceptional in his expiations of the history of the building and Agra in general. We discussed the water and pulley system in the creation of the Taj Mahal and how that differed from the Pyramids. My favorite part of Agra was when Vinny took us to Sheroes Café. The Café spread awareness of Acid Survivors and shared their story with the world. We learned that Acid throwing is a big problem in Agra and India and witness their bravery first hand. This moving experience and exploring Agra were one of my favorite parts of the trip, and I am glad we had the opportunity to go there. In my next blog post, I look forward to having a more complete picture of my India experience (not jet lagged) and will be sure to share more insights. While I am happy to be home, I do miss my team and all the friends and mentors back in India.