Touch the Taj!

Over the past couple of days, as we have traveled much more and been around many more people, I have revealed a few characteristics about myself. The most prominent realization is how my organizational style thought processes do not blend well with the massive crowds of people. A prime example was yesterday when we were shopping in the major city of New Delhi.

I knew there were going to be a lot of people on the streets and in the stores, however, I underestimated the amount of people. The worst time this occurred was when we left the larger stores and went down an alleyway sort of street with vendors lining both sides. Some vendors were even set up in the middle of the street. Anyways this was very overwhelming as the skinny vendors had nearly five people working in all of them. Then after accounting for all the people buying merchandise, you can imagine how packed the street was. Anyways my main point is that my mindset does not like the massive crowds in India, and this sometimes causes issues with the group I am with.

A large number of people filling my mind as I am trying to construct my thoughts causes me to micromanage or overcontrol the people I may be traveling with. Not in a way where I may same something disrespectful or do something out of line, but I would react differently than normal. For example, some of the group went off with me and they made a few jokes and laughed, but since I was so focused on other things while staying organized, I didn’t have much of a reaction. I would still chuckle or laugh a little bit but not nearly as much as I normally would. Over time I have started to get better with this as I am getting used to the culture and norms more. Also, I would like to add that even though I  am serious in these situations I am still having an amazing time touring the cities and religious locations.

Surprisingly enough the religious locations are where I seem most comfortable. This is surprising because this is where we get looked at the most. It is uncomfortable when people initially look, but I know they are just curious, as I would be too. I think I am more comfortable at these sites because I can distract myself from learning information about the culture, religion, or even architecture. The architecture is amazing by the way, especially at the Taj Mahal.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoy visiting all the sites in New Delhi and Agra. Not only because I am learning so much about the sites themselves, but also learning about myself through situations we are put in. I am going to miss India, but I am very excited to be home and enjoy time with my family and friends.