Un Directeur en Formation.

Being part of a business like Pari-Grandir is not a new experience to me. For the majority of my work, I am in charge of supervising a smaller group of kids and hosting activities for them to complete. While my work has also been able to give me a few projects relating to translation, this has been the majority of my work. Working with kids is a very stressful ordeal so it’s important that the kids are listening to you and respecting the things that you do. In this case, in regards to my leadership skills, I’ve had to change how I’m used to running a daycare or leading at my current job, and adapt it to fit my internships needs. Authoritarian-esque styles of leading don’t work with children if ever. They are often too focused on what they want to do instead of what they are supposed to. This is something that I had grown used to working at my current job, as everyone is an adult and knows how to do their job. A better solution is to use a more gentler style, offering alternatives and encouragement, along with praise and rewards. I’ve also gotten the chance to be able to think of many different projects regarding some of the events that my internship is holding. This has involved coming up with different event ideas for the weeks to come and trying to implement them. I don’t normally come up with creative projects like this, especially where I’m responsible for the creation from start to finish. Being able to think like this independently I think has improved my leadership slightly in being independent and being able to put forth projects that are able to function well. When it comes to leadership in this company, I am quite used to having my bosses play an active role in the daily going on of the business, whether it be at my current job or when I was at my old daycare. I’ve also been able to have a very relaxed, if not friendly, relationship with all of my coworkers and supervisors back home so being in a more relaxed environment is nothing new. At my internship in Paris, I’ve been able to go to a goodbye party for one of my internship co workers already where upper management and regular employees mingled and drank together without feeling awkward so I would like to say it’s very similar to how I’m used to seeing leadership shown. I like to view it not as a position of authority, but one of respect where you understand as an employee that your supervisors are part of the team, hardworking, and friendly. This applied to both subordinates and in the case of my internship, children. If i sit and play on my phone all day, don’t interact with the kids, and just tell them what to do all the time, it sets the example that I don’t care, and nobody will listen. I would say for the most part however that my leadership skills haven’t changed much, but I have gotten quite a bit of practice in implementing said skills. As I said previously, implementing new ideas and creating lessons and activities to be implemented is just one of a few ways I’ve been able to lead the day and take a more active role in the internship.  I feel as if I interact with kids the same as I always have, but I’m also able to more easily control a room if need be. Leading by example is always something that I’ve done at my job by striving to do good work and doing it right so that others know how things are done. Kids often mimic behavior so this is the same sort of premise of where if I don’t act as a leader, I won’t be respected as a leader. Being a leader is not something I’ve always been super comfortable with, but I also feel confident now in my abilities to know that if I am ever in that position I know myself and the others around me will be able to rely on me to put forth a good job of leading everyone. I’m not sure how I’ll evolve even further as my tasks change and I spend more time here, but I’m quite glad I’ve made the choice to come here!

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