The Natural Environment and Greenwashing

One of my favorite examples of a company that does a good job of incorporating sustainability into its operations is Seventh Generation. They create eco-friendly paper products, personal care ideas, and cleaning supplies made from plant-based ingredients. They also make their packaging out of eco-friendly materials and ensure that all of their packaging is recyclable. 

An example of a company whose sustainability efforts are insincere is Coca-Cola. One example of Coca-Cola greenwashing is when they changed their Sprite bottle from green to clear. When they did this, they claimed that it was a sustainable effort because clear bottles are easier to recycle than green bottles. However, this was only done to distract the customers from the fact that they have been the single largest plastic producer in the world for the last five years. Instead, if Coca-Cola actually wanted to help the climate issue, they could implement a plan to reuse bottles, which would eliminate waste.  

I believe that it will take years for some action to be taken to stop companies from greenwashing. Currently, climate change is not significantly impacting people’s everyday lives. However, it will definitely have significant impacts in the future. So, I think that, until the effects of climate change start having an impact on people’s everyday lives, legislators will not be pushed to make policies that prevent these companies from greenwashing. However, once more people realize how big of a problem climate change is, they will pressure the legislature to make laws preventing companies from greenwashing. 

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