Global Links


One benefit of the global links model for their programs is that they focus on building relationships with many other companies. This allows for collaboration in which a mutually beneficial transaction takes place. For example, Global Links is partnered with a company in New York which is also focused on giving back to the community. If there is something that is given to Global Links that they do not have the ability to use, they can send it to this other similar organization, and vice versa. A limitation of their model is that their international client base is limited. They currently only have the capabilities to ship to central american locations and it would be difficult for them to expand.

This commitment creates opportunities in the form of partnerships with local hospitals and medicare centers. Specifically in the Pittsburgh area, Global Links is able to obtain many leftover materials from the UPMC hospitals and from the Universities in the area. It also creates challenges because Global Links develops a reliance on these companies to donate them resources. They have to ensure that these relationships are strong and in times when intake of medical surplus is slow, they need to look elsewhere for other resources to donate to keep their business operating.

Because I am interested in supply chain management, I would be interested in doing an unpaid internship of this nature. I believe that I could gain valuable first hand experience and learn how to implement my own changes to make the business grow. I am also passionate about helping others whenever I can, so participating in an internship for a non profit like Global Links would be very beneficial to me. 

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