Global Links

Global Links is a nonprofit organization that strives to improve health in communities by donating unused materials to hospitals and care facilities around the world. A major benefit of their business model is that they are reducing waste by accepting donations from medical centers around the Pittsburgh area and redistributing them to communities in need, specifically in South America. They are also partnered with many organizations that have similar goals, which allows them to expand their reach to different communities. One limit to their business model is that they mainly rely on volunteers to help unload, sort, and package materials, but if there is a lack of volunteers, communities may not have the necessary amount of supplies to sustain their facilities.

Global Link’s commitment to supporting communities in need creates many opportunities for organizations everywhere to donate. Not only do they accept hospital equipment, but anything ranging from chairs, beds, and desks donated by universities. Donations are not a major problem for them at all, rather, and effects COVID-19 had on supply chains. A concern they have is if their shipping containers become stuck at ports for weeks, leaving communities with a lack of resources.

As my intended field of study is finance and marketing, I am extremely interested in participating in an unpaid internship with an organization similar to Global Links. I enjoyed volunteering with them today, and I am curious to see how their funding is distributed and the marketing strategies that made them the success they are.

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