Blanket and Board

Blanket and Board is a very innovative and unique idea. They offer a wide range of products from picnics for two all the way to wedding and engagement parties. They also definitely have the possibility of many repeat customers, which is a good way to ensure steady revenue. On the other hand, one weakness of their business is that it only appeals to certain people. They are great for people who want to enjoy the outdoors and picnics, but they can also get pretty expensive. So, one opportunity for Blanket and Board would be to offer a more inexpensive option for people who still want a picnic but may not need everything that is usually provided.  

Blanket and Board and Shareclub definitely have some similarities. First, both companies are interested in attracting returning customers. Additionally, they are both small companies. Right now, Shareclub is working on growing with just the owner. When Blanket and Board started, it was just two people, so they faced a lot of the same issues.  

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