Picnics and cups

One opportunity that both Blanket & Board and Share Club face is their mobility with events. They both look to operate similar to catering, with Blanket & Board going to different parks and Share Club going to different events. This allows both businesses to move towards where their customers are, instead of being bound to a physical location and having to draw customers in. We saw a similar dilemma with our visit to the Refillery today, as the founder started out in farmers markets before having to move to a concrete location. She now is looking to have a mobile version of her business, and mobility is clearly an important factor to be in control of for these more service-oriented businesses. 

One challenge for both Blanket & Board and Share Club is the competitor that they both face. They don’t have many differentiating features with their competitors, and therefore it would be difficult for customers to understand why they should go to them instead of their competitors. Finding unique selling points could be important for both, and advertising them online is important so that customers can make quick judgments without having to contact and get price quotes to evaluate that way.

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