Blanket and Board


Blanket and Board is a new company that takes an innovative approach to picnics. I believe that this sort of business model is unique in that they create personal relationships with each other of their customers. The personalized picnics take great care and thought to plan out. A smaller business such as Blanket and Board relies on good customer relations to continue their business. I was always very impressed by their website. It is very visually pleasing and easy to understand. It also outlines the company mission very clearly. An opportunity I could see Blanket and Board undertaking is catering to larger events. Currently, they only have the capacity to create picnics for up to 10 people. If she were able to host larger events, she could spread the business much further. A threatI see blanket and board facing is their competitor, Brie and Baskets. It seems that they have a very similar business model and client base. I would be very interested to know the steps Tierra is taking to combat Brie and Baskets.

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