Day One in Dublin

As we were driving into Dublin, I noticed how similar it is to cities in the states. Everyone was out walking, biking, and taking public transportation. It reminded me a lot of a combination between Boston and Savannah, with the architecture and the various outdoor green spaces. My favorite part of the day is when we explored Howth, and walked down to the lighthouse to enjoy the view. The beach was beautiful, and it was full of people swimming and walking their dogs. This is making me look forward to our visit to the cliffs of Moher. 

I enjoyed talking to our bus driver Lee. He was born and raised in Dublin, and told us about the current housing crisis and the extremely high taxes. He explained that you can buy a car for 80,000 dollars, but because of the taxation, the final price will be more than doubled of the original. It was interesting to learn about the inner workings of Ireland and compare it to the United States. 

When I was grabbing a snack in the airport, I noticed that the cafes and restaurants were supplying customers with bamboo utensils and paper straws, similar to Blanket and Board. This sparked a lot of curiosity on how Shareclub can expand their market segments and who can become a profitable customer for Sarah, while siding with her mission of using sustainable materials in Dublin. 

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