Initial Ireland Reflections

One of the biggest changes between America and Ireland is the direction of travel on the roads. Upon arriving in Dublin, we immediately boarded a small charter bus and headed off to Howth for the morning. However, driving on the left side of the road was a  very strange and foreign experience for me, and I wasn’t expecting to be as bothered by the change. Seeing the bus make turns would always make me nervous, and the fact that we had an aggressive driver didn’t help much either.

With our time in Dublin, it has been fun to meet the various CAPA staff and faculty that will be working with us over the next 10 days. Meeting Dr. Darren Kelly was very interested in getting exposed to some early cultural differences, including his long hike to talk about the differences between American and Irish higher education. They all seem like very supportive people, and I’m excited to be working with them throughout these 2 weeks.

In terms of our client ShareClub, there are definitely a lot of disposable takeaway containers for coffee and other food still in Dublin. I haven’t seen the competitors cup yet, which gives me hope that there might be a greater chance of pulling off her idea with neighborhood cafes. However, I have only been around some limited areas of Dublin, and I think my reflection on this same point tomorrow might be vastly different.

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