Shareclub in Dublin

While we were at breakfast, we saw that they had the 2go cups there. However, it was not clear how you were supposed to return them once you used them and where you could return them after you were finished with them. Furthermore, some people we talked to also said that the cups spilled. These new things we learned helped show us that Shareclub is deferent from 2go cup because the app will tell you where to return them and they don’t spill. 

Furthermore, we also learned that a lot of companies are unhappy with 2go cup. Other than the Buttery (where we had breakfast), we didn’t see any shopes using 2go cups. Sarah also said that some businesses she had approached that use 2go cup said that 2go cup’s deposit system could be confusing. So, all of these things show that 2go cup is not as strong of a competitor as we initially thought, and Sarah definitely has room to grow.  

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