Tour Day

Today in Dublin we took a bus tour and a walking tour around the city. Our tour guides explained a lot about the history of Dublin and all of the revolutions they had. Our first tour guide talked about Bloody Sunday, and how the rebels were more in contact with the United States than most realize. They also mentioned how there were multiple events known as Bloody Sunday, each important for Ireland to gain its independence from Great Britain. Both guides also mentioned multiple times how women had a large impact on Dublin’s revolution, and because of those historical events, Ireland is commonly represented as a woman. Women would fight along men, and when they were not treated fairly, they would revolt more. There are multiple statues around the city depicting women’s fight for equality throughout history. This made me think about Sarah, and how she is an owner of a small business, and with multiple competitors in the area, she is able to appeal to women all around the city because of her powerful mission and her independence.

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