Client meeting preparation

In order to demonstrate my own credibility, I will need to both understand my research and be able to communicate my point effectively. Because of my position in the business development team as the funding and revenue generation plan, I need to both understand the details of different funding opportunities, and how they can interact with each other to best optimize her cash inflow. There are many details surrounding the different grants and other sources of finance that she both currently is using, and hopes to use in the future, and knowing these details will be super important for the question and answer section.

We are getting very valuable information from our site visits so far, both in Pittsburgh and in Dublin. Even today, our visit with Staycity gave us some valuable resources that could definitely help our client. By demonstrating these connections to our client, it will be clear that we are taking experiences outside of our meeting and work time and applying them to the project at hand. Furthermore, we have been and will continue to be fast with our correspondence with her, and by continuing to be timely it will be clear that she is a priority for us. Our in-person meeting was very constructive, and it was much easier for us to communicate with her and understand more about her business’s opportunities and challenges for the future.

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