Back Stateside

As I settle back into life in the USA after an enriching internship experience in Dublin, I find myself filled with gratitude for the transformative journey I have embarked on. My time at patientMpower, a data analytics startup focused on monitoring chronic lung condition patients, has left a lasting impact on my personal, academic, and professional growth.

Returning from Dublin, I am amazed by the personal growth I have experienced. Living in a foreign country, far from my comfort zone, allowed me to develop a sense of independence and resilience. Immersing myself in a new culture and forming connections with people from diverse backgrounds has broadened my perspective and enriched my understanding of the world.

Moreover, the experience has taught me the importance of embracing change and adaptability. Navigating uncertainties and challenges in a foreign environment has given me the confidence to face future endeavors with an open mind and a positive attitude. Small examples that seemed much bigger to me in the moment would be routine tasks that I had not encountered before. Figuring out how big and how much weight a checked bag can be, or how international airports and customs operates can be big asks for a young inexperienced person. I hope to retain that confidence and apply it to new opportunities that are masking as threats.

During my internship, I had the opportunity to apply my academic knowledge to real-world scenarios, gaining practical insights into data analytics and the startup industry. The hands-on experience and guidance from seasoned professionals have deepened my understanding of the subject matter and prepared me for future academic pursuits. In particular, the CEO made himself available during working hours to give his perspective and input on the company and any questions we asked him. I plan on continuing to communicate with him about my future goals as he has a ridiculous amount of experiences.

Additionally, working in a dynamic startup environment has instilled in me a thirst for continuous learning. I recognize the significance of staying updated with industry trends and the latest advancements in data analytics. This realization has fueled my determination to pursue further education and certifications in the field.

My time at PatientMpower has been instrumental in my professional growth. The startup’s emphasis on shared leadership has inspired me to step up and take initiative, even as an intern. This experience has bolstered my confidence in my abilities and has shown me the value of collaborative teamwork.

Furthermore, the internship has provided me with invaluable networking opportunities. I have formed lasting connections with industry professionals and mentors, which will undoubtedly prove beneficial as I navigate my future career.

Looking back on my internship experience, I am grateful for the valuable takeaways that continue to resonate with me. The emphasis on experimentation and embracing newness has shown me the power of innovative thinking and the significance of being open to diverse possibilities.

Additionally, the supportive and inclusive work culture at PatientMpower has taught me the importance of creating environments where everyone’s contributions are valued. I aim to carry this approach with me in my future leadership endeavors, fostering a collaborative and respectful atmosphere.

As I return to Pittsburgh, I am excited to share my experiences with my university community. I plan to engage with fellow students and faculty, organizing workshops and seminars to discuss the significance of internships abroad and the benefits of embracing new cultures.

In my future career, I intend to apply the leadership principles I observed at patientMpower. Emphasizing shared leadership and fostering an inclusive work culture will be paramount in creating a positive and productive environment for my team.

Moreover, the importance of effective communication and active listening has reinforced the value of understanding diverse perspectives. I will strive to build strong professional relationships, valuing the unique contributions of each individual in a globalized professional landscape.

My internship in Dublin has been a profound journey of growth, both personally and professionally. As I reflect on the experiences that have shaped me during my time at patientMpower, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunities that have broadened my horizons and enriched my life. Armed with valuable takeaways and insights, I am excited to bring these experiences to Pittsburgh and my future career, fostering a positive impact and embracing the world with open arms. Anyone looking for opportunities and abilities such as these should look into this program, along with any other international study programs.


The featured image from this week is of a lonely spire in Limerick. I stayed there for a night as my flight back was the next day from Shannon (I HIGHLY recommend to check nearby airports when traveling, you can save a lot of money that way if you don’t mind some inconvenience). This tower was showing it and Ireland’s age. Any words on it were nigh illegible, although one tablet was about the working class’s plight. In this way, the age of the tower and it’s message, this spire was the complete message of the island and best historical monument to see before I left.

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