Croke Park reflections

One big opportunity for Croke Park could be the changing psychographic behaviors towards more sustainable products and services. Ireland has placed a huge emphasis on the idea of a circular economy, and Croke Park is also looking to become more sustainable. For instance, our tour guide commented multiple times about how their new lawn mowers are electric, reducing both fumes and noise pollution. Additionally, they can take advantage of Dublin’s great public transportation, and emphasize alternative means of transportation that are more environmentally friendly. With sustainability becoming an important quality for many companies, these would be great ways for Croke Park to address this commercial opportunity. 

On the other hand, a potential challenge with Croke Park could be their inability to expand the stadium much. Because of their position in a local neighborhood, they aren’t allowed to build out a side of the stadium because it would block out the sun from many surrounding houses. Additionally, the stadium capacity can’t expand much because of the lack of surrounding infrastructure for many more people. This location serves as a limitation, and thus with other stadiums having the flexibility to be located anywhere, Croke park couldn’t expand much more if needed. This isn’t a major issue for Croke Park because of the high capital needed to build a stadium, but they must be aware of their competition here in Dublin.

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