The Docklands


Dublin’s docklands seem to be such a great fit for these huge companies for a few reasons. First, many of these companies such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google are English speaking companies. Dublin uses English as a primary language, but it is also a part of the European Union. Ireland is a very globally oriented country, with connections to many parts of Europe and the Middle East, as well as a diverse population of immigrants. This grants these large companies many opportunities for growth and connections to the rest of Europe, without having the disadvantage of a language barrier. Ireland also has a very low corporation tax rate, which makes it a highly appealing location for these companies looking to expand internationally in a cost-efficient manner. Finally, Ireland as a country has been investing heavily into the fields of key infrastructure and research development, making it a highly innovative and up and coming country.

I personally could not see myself living in an area such as the docklands. While I understand the appeal to the area, I believe that there is still much work to be done. For example, while on the tour, our tour guide showed us the brand-new luxurious apartments for these tech companies’ employees. But, he also showed us the living arrangements of the working class of the area, which were significantly tinier and very cramped. The stark wage gap of the area does not sit right with me, and therefore I do not think I would enjoy living there.  

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