Food Cloud and Global Links

One thing the two social enterprises have in common is that they both salvage old things that would otherwise be thrown away. For global links, they use the old medical equipment that the industry no longer needs. Similarly, Food Cloud takes food that is planned to be thrown away and redistributes it to people in need. Furthermore, another similarity between the two enterprises is that they both use the money that they make to reinvest back into their own company. So, they continue to grow and help as many people as they can. 

One difference between the two enterprises is that Global Links is an international organization while food cloud only operates their distribution centers in Ireland and the neighboring countries in the EU. Since Global links ships all around the world, they must have a lot more infrastructure in place and be able to clear customs in many different countries. Another difference between the two is that the food that Food Cloud receives can be flawed in some way. It is still perfectly safe to eat, but it is still worth noting that it may not look as good as something you buy in the store. Global Links, on the other hand, has all medical grade supplies that were just not needed in a surgery. 

One last minute insight this provides is that Ireland is really pushing to be more sustainable. A lot of people know that they are one of the worst countries in terms of sustainability in the EU, and they want to do something about it. This will really help Sarah gain a customer base. 

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