Food Cloud Takeaways


Both companies are very similar in the fact that they manage the supply chain for wasted materials to get sent to locations that need them. Although they are managing different goods, the process is very similar. Another similarity is that both companies reach out to the companies that create the waste and then they create a solution for that company. This is to limit the amount of waste, be it in food or medical supplies. A difference between the two social enterprises is that Food Cloud only ships goods within Ireland whereas Global Links exports all of the supplies. Food Cloud is much more focused on the local community but Global Links is helping impoverished communities abroad. Another difference is that Food Cloud creates some of its own products to sell and make revenue but Global Links only makes revenue by selling goods that are donated. One last minute insight was the pure scale of Ireland’s push towards sustainability. Companies and communities clearly work hard to limit the amount of waste that the countries create. Shareclub could be another critical step for the country to become a cleaner place.

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