Food Cloud Reflections

Food Cloud is a social enterprise based in Dublin that collects safe food products planned to be thrown away. These products can be donations from anywhere in the food industry, such as restaurants or supply chains. Meanwhile, Global Links is another social enterprise, but this one is based in Pittsburgh where they collect unused and safe medical supplies also planned to be thrown away. In terms of their operations, both companies rely on community support. They need volunteers to help move along their processes from receiving goods to shipping them, as well as donations from local businesses. Both organizations also have missions of sustainability. The food industry is a large contributor of greenhouse gases, which is one of the problems Food Cloud is trying to manage. Global Links also is trying to prevent sending nonbiodegradable products to landfills and are sending those products to people in need in the most eco-friendly ways as possible.

Some differences between the organizations, however, are the locations they are helping. Food Cloud is more focused on sending food to their local community, while Global Links focuses on sending medical supplies to locations all over the world, like Honduras.  Another difference is their time frames for sending out products. Medical supplies typically last a lot longer than food products, which means Food Cloud must send out their products faster than Global Links for the products to still be safe by the time they reach people in need. It is also faster for Food Cloud to send products locally than for Global Links to send them internationally.

The similarities and differences between the two organizations show that Shareclub in the future might benefit from community support, like Food Cloud and Global Links have. It will also be beneficial for Shareclub to know exactly where the business is going to be focused on and why, and how that might change or develop in the future.

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