Last Day Reflection

Throughout this program, I have learned a lot about myself both professionally and personally. In a professional sense, I learned what kind of companies I would want to be a part of. For example, when we had a site visit to Guinness Enterprise Center, we had the opportunity to speak with the CEO of Little Moon Animations, and hearing about their production processes and how they conduct business helped me realize that I would love to work with their organization, or a similar one. I also really enjoyed our visit to Microsoft. The office space was amazing, and the staff was very informative. They told us about all the benefits of working in the Microsoft office, and what the company offers. I would also be interested in interning at Microsoft in the retail and sales department. Lastly, I learned that I prefer the marketing side of business as opposed to the business development side through our consulting project with Shareclub. I liked exploring the different ways Shareclub can expand its market segments through social media, advertising, and partnerships, and this is something I want to pursue in the future.

I had a lot of personal growth throughout my time in the Haller Fellowship. I learned to be a team player, how to appreciate cultures and time management. I also went on my first hike! Working on a major project with such a large group can be difficult, especially when we are together all the time, but in the end, we all did a great job by participating and putting in equal effort all around. By staying in Ireland for this long, I have adapted to their cultural norms, whether that be mannerisms or transportation. The time management aspect was a struggle at the beginning of this trip, even during our time at Pitt, but I now know what my schedule needs to look like for the future.

Overall, I am extremely grateful that I was able to participate in this program, and I cannot wait for what the school year will bring.

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