Final Haller Reflection

One company that I surprisingly fell in love with during this trip was Microsoft’s offices in Dublin. I always thought of myself as someone who would rather work with smaller companies, as I would hate the bureaucracy and long chains of command. However, all of the people that we met at Microsoft were very down to earth and honest, and it seems like they have a great working environment here in Europe. I want to learn more about how big tech functions in Europe, because there are lots of different job possibilities due to their size, and it was overall a very polished experience that had lots of character too. 

Personally, I took away that Ireland is way more similar to the states than I thought. It feels like a middle ground between America and Europe, and you can tell this through the prevalence of large American companies here like at the docklands. The people have very similar mannerisms, and everyone speaks English. The only noticeable difference for me was the architecture as there are certainly many elements of quaint European charm, but around the tech areas with the large glass buildings it is hard to find many differences to America. This country seems like a great jumping off point for Europe, and it was a great place to have my first independent international experience at.

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