My professional development takeaway from the Dublin portion of our program came from our site visit to Microsoft today. From the building itself to the great work environment, I would definitely look into working for Microsoft in the future. Additionally, it will be interesting to see the differences between the culture of Microsoft in Ireland compared to the US. For instance, the employees here get over a month of vacation, which I doubt would be the same in the US.  

My personal takeaway is how much I’ve learned about Irish culture and history. Two of my favorite activities we did were a historical tour on the first full day we were here, and our visit to Croke Park. Our guide for the tour was very interesting and engaging, and he made me want to learn more about Irish history. He was also able to show us where the events he was describing actually took place, which was very interesting. Additionally, the site visit to Croke Park helped me learn a lot about Hurling and Gaelic football, Irelands two main sports. This was fascinating to see the sports that they are so passionate about that I had not heard of before.  

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