6 Days!

Hello everyone, my name is Cory Williams and I am going into my senior year at Pitt. I am from the small town of Butler, PA which is about an hour north of Pittsburgh. I am pursuing a degree in Marketing and Supply Chain Management. I love to travel, be active, have fun, and my favorite sport to play is Volleyball!!WilliamsCory

I am very excited to be heading to Montevideo, Uruguay in 6 short days!!! I leave on Sunday May 7th and return May 27th, so it is a 3 week program. I will be taking 3 credit course abroad called Global Supply Network & Manufacturing Culture in Latin America. I chose this course because I wanted to do something different than the typical European abroad experience. It also counts toward one of my majors requirements, and I think I will gain valuable experience towards my career, but also for myself personally. 

I have always wanted to visit to South America, so why not take advantage of this amazing experience through the University of Pittsburgh. I am looking forward to meeting people from all over the world, while also learning and embracing the culture of Uruguay. Also, Montevideo is located right on the Atlantic Ocean and I have heard so many positive things about this city and people who experienced this trip before me.

I am nervous that my 3 years of high school Spanish will not be sufficient for my stay there. I have been trying to get as much practice in as I can before I leave. I also don’t have any friends going with me on the trip, but I think that will be all part of the experience. It is like a good nervous excitement, all at the same time!! I will update you after my arrival in Montevideo!!

Hablamos Pronto!