Prior to Departure

Hello! My name is Madeline Adamczyk, and I just completed my third year of study at the University of Pittsburgh. I will graduate next spring with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and a Bachelor of Arts in Nonfiction Writing.

I am from Allison Park, Pennsylvania, and a fun fact about me is that half of my stomach won’t tan! During the summer months, it looks as if there is a line straight down the center of my stomach, separating the tan side from the pale side. My family nicknamed me “two-tone belly.”

I chose the GBI London program because I was guaranteed an internship position that pertains to my majors and because I have never been to London. I caught the travel bug  when I was selected to be a Student Ambassador for the People to People organization the summer after my  freshman year of high school. There were around 40 other students in the program, and we spent a month touring Spain, France, and Italy. It was one of the best experiences of my life, and I know that this work and school experience in London will be life-changing as well.

I am extremely excited to see Big Ben, see the city from the London Eye, taste fish and chips, visit all of the local markets, and tour exquisite gardens. I also promised my grandmother that I would visit Scotland at some point and take pictures for her. Although she is a Canadian citizen of Polish descent, she’s always thought that she has some Scottish blood in her!

Despite my excitement, I am worried about adjusting to my daily commute and managing weekend travel with study/work.