Pitt in Rome- O’Brien Blog 1

Ciao a tutti!

My name is Shannon O’Brien, and I am from Reading, Pennsylvania. At the University of Pittsburgh, I am working towards a Supply Chain Management major as well as an Italian minor and an International Business certificate. This coming fall I will be entering into my junior year.

As soon as I checked out the study abroad options, I knew that Pitt in Rome was for me. I first wanted to go abroad in order to be eligible for an International Business certificate. I later fell in love with studying Italian after my freshman year at Pitt. This spring semester I completed Italian 3 and will be moving onto Italian 4 in Rome. I am so excited to strengthen my language skills in the best way possible; being surrounded by the culture.

Going abroad is important to me mostly because of how it will better me for my future. With a career in which I will be working with people of different cultures for International Business, this trip will prepare me for what it will be like to be exposed to different ways of life.

I have an Italian background from my mother’s side of the family. My grandmother was Italian, but unfortunately we lost her to ALS a few years ago. Studying Italian and now going abroad has helped me to feel connected to this part of me, and I am so grateful that the University of Pittsburgh has given me this opportunity. I could not be more excited to explore Italy during this program.

Talk to you all again soon!