Pitt in Prague/Krakow ~ Andres

My name is Andres Hoberman and I am a rising senior pursuing a double major in finance and accounting, a minor in economics, along with a certificate in international business. I was born and raised 30 minutes north of Pittsburgh. With that said, my parents and two brothers were born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina before immigrating to the U.S. so I was raised with a hispanic background. I was taught Spanish as my first language and speak fluently.

I chose to do this program because of the great timing and academic fit. I have an internship which starts early June which eliminated many of the options leaving only the Maymester programs. Pitt in Prague/Krakow fit perfectly in that it was focused on economics which helps me in my pursuit for a minor in this field. I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel all around the world but have never been to Central/Eastern Europe and I am extremely excited to learn about the culture along with the economic background of this region. Along with that, I am excited to extend my learning of the Czech and Polish cultures as it has always been a fascination of mine to see how different cultures can compare and especially contrast. The only thing I can think of that worries me about the program is being limited by the language barrier. I hope to learn as much Czech and Polish as possible, but I am sure that I will rely on English as well.