Balancing ‘Work and Play’

During my second week ‘on the job’ I’ve began to notice people’s different mannerisms, the daily routine, and most importantly the company culture. So far it seems as though Linked Finance has a relaxed yet professional environment. It’s easy to tell that most if not all of the employees are good friends, and that they go out together on a regular basis. I have even got to know them socially and hang out with my coworkers outside of the office. Everyone at the company has a friendly and genuine personality that is fitting for the type of industry that Linked Finance operates in. Because Linked Finance provides loans for small businesses that are often either a family business or a small company that someone has put their life into it’s not just business anymore, but it’s personal. Therefore, having this caring and outgoing disposition will enable their clients or potential clients to trust them and acquire their business.

Although working in such a friendly and laid-back environment is fun and relaxed, it poses the challenge of switching from that personal atmosphere to a professional one. Often it is challenging to sit down and work without any social distractions. Another issue this might pose is being able to be completely professional with someone that you have grown to know socially. I have not experienced this yet, however I see it as an issue that especially managers have to face.

Another part of the company culture that Linked Finance has is that even though it is a relaxed company, it must still operate like a ‘well-oiled machine’. The finance industry never stops, and because of this they must be prompt to every meeting, be efficient with their taste at hand, and always be meticulous. Because Linked Finance handles company’s confidential work records, they must always handle them with care and make sure that they are disposed of in a certain way. All in all, financial companies such as Linked Finance must be operated in a very particular in stringent way so as not to expose any confidential records and not to make any mistakes when evaluating their customers for a loan approval.

All things considered, Linked Finance has been a great place to work. The people that work there couldn’t be nicer or more friendly. The most challenging aspect of the company culture that I’ve noticed is simply the balance of work vs. social time. However, because Linked Finance must operate as a highly organized company, I believe that the employees that work there never fail to do their job to the fullest.