Organizational Culture in Dublin – Noah

As I’ve mentioned several times in previous posts of mine, I’ve come to recognize my internship location, HeadCase Marketing, generally as an informal company as far as their image goes. They’ve been around for roughly 10 years, so they are still up and coming. Employees aren’t required to get all dressed up, the company’s building is made up of an old warehouse, and the work environment as a whole seems very laid back. However, the amount of work tasks can often be hectic at times. The Irish work culture is on the smaller side, and because of that companies seem to value communication skills and work quality over the actual big visual image that the company portrays, at least from what I’ve experienced. I’ve experienced the flow and unpredictability of work weeks in Ireland, as well as gaining a first hand understanding of the operational activity of a place like HeadCase. This gives me expectations of what to expect in the United States, minus the culture shock. Because of this program, I feel much more comfortable with my adaptability in the work place setting. With only a few weeks left in the program before I have to fly home to Pittsburgh, I’ve been thinking a lot about how this experience and my views on working cultures will shape my career decisions and opportunities for the future. MailliardN16